We sell authentic KOBE Beef,
Premium Wines and Champagne at
competitive rates.

and Wine
are the great pairing.

The restaurant is like a secret hideaway in Roppongi,

can takes the people to The world of “KOBE beef”.
You can enjoy genuine KOBE Beef with amazing price in
an official restaurant of
“Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Association”.

KOBE Beef as known as the best of WAGYU Beef with Low-priced

A secret hideaway in Roppongi, The city of the latest Food&Culture. The restaurant provides genuine KOBE Beef, Premium Wines and Champagne with great value for the price.

Have a dinner in a quiet and calm atmosphere

The atmosphere makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. So you can enjoy your dinner to your heart’s content.

KOBE Beef is the most preference for us

RRR KobeBeefSteak specialized only ‘Kobe Beef’. We don’t have other meat. We have 3 kinds of Kobe Beef for main. So you can enjoy different kind taste of Kobe Beef at the same time.

You can choose from our large selection of Wine and Champagne

We have many stocks. These are from best places of wine. From France, Italy, The United States, Australia, New Zealand and etc. And we also have any Japanese wine for the customers from different countries. Classical one, Popular one, Old-vintage, Rare items, Whichever you take, You will like and enyoy with Amazing prices.

RRR Brand

RRR Bistro
RRR Bistro is a strong taste of casual. Having KOBE Beef at the head of the list, There are WAGYU Beef steak with low prices.
RRR Otemachi Kobebeef&wine
The restaurant is themed to look like Steak house in New York. Having the best space for Business lunch and dinner.
RRR wine online(EC)
Mainly stock Premium Wine on the high end.

We have more projects, are not on the list.
But some project has just begun.
We hope you will have a good time through our business.